Download: Test Bank for Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems, Diversity, and Change, 3rd Edition, Callie Marie Rennison, Mary Dodge, ISBN: 9781544330723

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Test Bank for Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems, Diversity, and Change 3rd Edition Rennison
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Test Bank for Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems, Diversity, and Change, 3rd Edition, Callie Marie Rennison, Mary Dodge, ISBN: 9781544330723

Table of Contents
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About the Authors
Part I: Foundations
  Chapter 1. An Introduction to Crime and the Criminal Justice System
Introduction: Making Our Way Through the Criminal Justice System
What Is the Criminal Justice System?
How Does the Criminal Justice System Work?
What Is Crime?
Crime Definitions Change Over Time
The Criminal Justice System: Purpose and Perspectives
Criminal Justice and Public Policy
Crime and the Media
Criminal Justice Versus Criminology
Chapter Wrap-Up
  Chapter 2. The Nature and Extent of Crime
Introduction: Why and How Is Crime Measured?
Measuring Violent and Property Crime
Violent and Property Crime Rates and Trends
Measuring Cybercrime
Measuring Terrorism
Measuring White-Collar Crime
Fear and Risk of Victimization
Theory in Criminal Justice
Chapter Wrap-Up
  Chapter 3. Criminal Justice and the Law
Introduction: The Development of Law
History of Law
The Role and Purpose of Law
Sources of Criminal Law
Types of Law
Legal Definitions
Criminal Defenses
Evolving Standards and Practices
The Rights of Victims
Chapter Wrap-Up
  Chapter 4. The History of Policing
Introduction: Policing as a Dynamic Entity
Early English Policing
Colonial America and Policing
Advancing Professionalism in Policing: 20th-Century Reform
Diversity in Policing
Unrest in Policing (1960s and 1970s)
Policing as More Than Law Enforcement
Chapter Wrap-Up
  Chapter 5. On the Streets: Organization, Responsibilities, and Challenges
Introduction: Contemporary Policing
The Police Organization
The Police Role
Who Are the Police?
Community Policing
Intelligence-Led/Evidence-Based Policing
21st-Century Policing
Controversial Issues in Policing
Chapter Wrap-Up
  Chapter 6. Police and the Rule of Law
Introduction: The Importance of Justice, Law, and Order
Police and the Courts
Due Process and Police Activities
Warrant Requirements and Serving Warrants
Custodial Interrogation
Chapter Wrap-Up
Part III: Courts
  Chapter 7. The Courts and Judiciary
Introduction: The Court Process
Federal and State Court Systems
Court Congestion and the Consequences
Specialized and Problem-Solving Courts
The Judiciary
Diversity in the Judiciary
Court Administration and Management
Chapter Wrap-Up
  Chapter 8. The Prosecution, Defense, and Pretrial Activities
Introduction: Actors and Procedures in the Courtroom
The Prosecutor
The Defense Attorney
After the Arrest: Charging the Defendant
Bail and Pretrial Events
Plea Bargains
Discovery, Motions, and Scheduling
Scheduling and the Right to a Speedy Trial
Jury Selection
Diversity and Pretrial Events
Technology and Pretrial Events
Chapter Wrap-Up
  Chapter 9. The Criminal Trial and Sentencing
Introduction: The Criminal Trial and Sentencing
Reaching a Verdict
A Special Criminal Trial: Capital Cases
Victims of Crime and the Criminal Trial
Chapter Wrap-Up
Part IV: Corrections
  Chapter 10. Correctional Responses in the Community
Introduction: Corrections in the Community
The History of Corrections in the Community in the United States
Contemporary Use of Corrections in the Community
Goals of Correctional Responses in the Community
Types of Correctional Responses in the Community
Effectiveness of Corrections in the Community
Victims and Corrections in the Community
Probation Officers
Diversity in Community Corrections
Technology and Community Corrections
Chapter Wrap-Up
  Chapter 11. Institutional Corrections
Introduction: Institutional Corrections
Historical Perspectives in Institutional Corrections
Current Perspectives in Institutional Corrections
Contemporary Jails and Lockups
Contemporary Prisons
Diversity in Jails and Prisons
Technology and Institutional Corrections
Chapter Wrap-Up
  Chapter 12. Prison Life and Life After Prison
Introduction: Living in Prison
Classification Systems and Solitary Confinement
Prison Violence
Prison Challenges
Life After Prison: Parole and Reentry
Chapter Wrap-Up
Part V: Beyond the Basics
  Chapter 13. The Juvenile Justice System
Introduction: The Juvenile Justice System
Juvenile Justice: A Brief History
Establishing Juvenile Rights
The Contemporary Juvenile Justice System
Steps in the Juvenile Justice System
Chapter Wrap-Up
  Chapter 14. Exploring Specialized and Topical Issues
Introduction: Overview of Specialized and Topical Issues
Terrorism and Homeland Security
Terrorism and the Criminal Trial
Domestic Human and Sex Trafficking
The #MeToo Movement
Hate Crimes and Bias-Motivated Crimes
Violence Against College Students
Fatal Police Shootings
Forensic Science
CSI Effect
Chapter Wrap-Up
  Appendix: The Bill of Rights    Glossary    Notes    Index
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