Test Bank for GO! with Office 2016 Volume 1 Gaskin ISBN-10: 0134320778, ISBN-13: 9780134320779

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Test Bank for GO! with Office 2016 Volume 1, Shelley Gaskin, Alicia Vargas, Debra Geoghan, Nancy Graviett, ISBN-10: 0134320778, ISBN-13: 9780134320779

Table of Contents

GO! Walkthrough

Windows 10
Chapter 1 Getting Started with Windows 10

Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Office 2016 Features

Introducing Microsoft Word 2016
Chapter 1 Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2016
Chapter 2 Creating Cover Letters and Using Tables to Create Resumes
Chapter 3 Creating Research Papers, Newsletters, and Merged Mailing Labels

Introducing Microsoft Excel 2016
Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data
Chapter 2 Using Functions, Creating Tables, and Managing Large Workbooks
Chapter 3 Analyzing Data with Pie Charts, Line Charts, and What-If Analysis Tools

Introduction to Microsoft Access 2016
Chapter 1 Getting Started with Microsoft Access 2016
Chapter 2 Sort and Query a Database
Chapter 3 Forms, Filters, and Reports

Introducing Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
Chapter 1 Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint
Chapter 2 Formatting PowerPoint Presentations
Chapter 3 Enhancing a Presentation with Animation, Video, Tables, and Charts

Integrated Projects
Chapter 1 Integrating Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint